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Common mistakes that lead to dull marbles!

From countertops to your floors, marbles enhance the look of any house or office. Though they help your home to shine, they are also difficult to maintain. So what can be done? One of the easiest methods to restore your marbles and help them shine is floor polishing. 

But often people make mistakes in choosing the right marble polishing services which may lead to deterioration of the floor soon. Hence, it is important to choose a service provider that will help you make your floor shiny with economical methods. 

There are many mistakes that people make that can be easily avoided to increase the durability of the marble shine. Let us see in details:

  • Not using carpets and mats:

Dust, mud, and sand are abrasive to marble floors, and over time they can cause scratches. Hence, to protect your marbled floor from these, you can cover them up with carpet and mats. You can also keep a mat inside and outside, to collect this debris. Also, you should avoid vacuum cleaners, as they will add to the scratches in the long run. 

  • Using acidic cleaning solutions:

You should also be mindful of what you are cleaning your floor with. Acidic cleaners can deteriorate your floors over time. Vinegar or any other type of acidic solution will take away all the shine of your marble floors, and they will look dull over time. They can harm the surface and lead to etching. Etching can look like watermarks or stains on the marbles. Your floor will lose its shine and look faded and dull, which can only be removed with professional marble polishing. 

Hence, it is important that you use cleaners that are free from any harmful chemicals to protect your floors. 

  • Letting the stains stay:

Like other natural materials, marbles are also porous. This can lead to water and other materials going inside the floor. These stains can lead to the buildup of bacteria, which can be difficult to cure later on. Therefore, it is important to wipe up the stain immediately to avoid any bacteria buildup. 

  • Avoid sealing:

 All the shine will get faded if you do not seal the floor, as it is more porous than any other natural material.  This suggests the importance of sealing and how important it is to maintain the marble’s shine and luster. It can badly affect the floor and can only be cured with marble polishing services.

  • High traffic area on the marble floor:

Your marbles can also get stained because there is so much furniture in one place. Traffic can actually accumulate dust above the surface and result in patches. These zones have more spots than the other less used parts of the floor. 

  • Bad cleaning mops:

Your marble floors can also be affected by the type of mops you use. You should use spray mops that will not leave scratches on the floor. You can also use untreated dust mops for the daily maintenance of the floor. 

  • Using improper DIY hacks for floor:

People often refer to YouTube and try to apply DIY hacks to their floors. like using baking soda to remove the stains. These stains can lead to discoloration of the floor and can also lead to stain buildup over time. 

For removing the stains and maintaining the floor for the long haul, marble polishing is the easy and quick cure. Professional marble polishing services will help you maintain your floors and their shine for a longer period of time. 

But, it is also important to choose a marble polishing service provider that understands your needs and serves you the best solutions. 

Floorzy Makeover is one of the best marble restoration companies in Bangalore. They offer the best solutions to their customers and help them enhance the look of their homes or offices. 

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