What makes us “Floorzy”

Our 20+ years of experience selling marble has honed us into the experts we are today, allowing us to provide the highest quality service to our clients.

Floorzy Makeover offers a range of solutions depending on the stone. Our team is equipped to restore marble, granite, quartz and any other stone surface you may have. We rejuvenate the surfaces in your homes and offices. Professional care is done by trained technicians who check for scratches, etching, cracks or damage.

Our team completed the fastest restoration in 18 hours on a 2500 sq. Ft. Italian Marble floor apartment. We have now restored over 10,00,000 square feet of flooring. To provide you with the finest possible service, our team consists of devoted specialists and well-trained technicians. We transform flooring with Italian machinery to ensure a long-lasting and beautiful finish using the latest technology on the market while also being responsive to all changes.

We strive to give our consumers the greatest experience possible, and we do so with the help of our dedicated team, cutting-edge industrial practices, and a desire to try something new.



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